Traditional Qing Court 18-bead Mala
Traditional Qing Court 18-bead Mala
Traditional Qing Court 18-bead Mala

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Traditional Qing Court 18-bead Mala

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Mala beads are a type of prayer beads, commonly used in Buddhism. In present day, people simply wear Mala beads as a jewelry, which are also powerful and culturally-rich tools for meditation.

A traditional full Mala contains 108 counting beads, as a wrist Mala it usually with 18 counting beads to worn as a bracelet. The number “Eighteen” refers to the “Eighteen Realms” of Buddhism, which are comprised of the Six Organs, the Six Objects, and the Six Consciousnesses.

Mala has the meaning of praying for good fortune and happiness, therefore it also used to express affection by giving gifts to others.


  • Main Beads: Rock Crystal--11.5mm
  • Counter Beads: Agate--12mm
  • Guru Bead: Agate, 24K Gold
  • Filigree Pendant with Agate and Pearl
  • Pendant Size: 24.5mm
  • End Bead:  Agate, Lazurite
  • with Certification

Care Instruction:

  • Avoid wearing when washing hands, showering, applying lotion, working out
  • Leave it in a sealed bag if possible