Mirror Black Glaze Tea Set/ Wu Jin You Tao Zu

Sheng Tang Peony

Mirror Black Glaze Tea Set/ Wu Jin You Tao Zu

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The exquisite handcrafted tea sets are from the Jingde Town quality porcelain.

Our design team in Beijing, is an important partner of the Forbidden City Cultural and Creative, has launched a well-recognized tableware, tea set, wine and coffee utensils.

At the same time, this team also cooperated with the Beijing Gongmei Art Institute to created decorations, ritual furnishings, and utensils as gifts for many state leaders at Apec, The Belt and Road Initiative, and G20.

Because of the outstanding achievements in the field of crafts, we have become an important partner in the intangible heritage section of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts.

Tea tray, cup coasters, serving cup, and accessories are excluded.


  • One Teapot
  • Four Tea Cups


  • 100% Porcelain