Women's Gambiered Silk Down Jacket
Women's Gambiered Silk Down Jacket
Women's Gambiered Silk Down Jacket
Women's Gambiered Silk Down Jacket

Sheng Tang Peony

Women's Gambiered Silk Down Jacket

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This exquisite coat is made with high-end silk, Gambiered silk, waded with fine down feathers. Modern inspiration and refined materials define the style of this comfort down coat. Envelope design.

Gambiered silk  is a handmade silk, has a history of at least 500 years. It’s old-fashioned manufacturing process requires up to six months and a complexity of methods, including dip-dyeing in discorea cirrhosa extract for 35 times and then spreading the silk on river mud and afterwards a direct exposure not sun. After that, it will be another 3-6 months before the silk can be finally used for making clothes.

Gambiered silk is flame retardant, waterproof, antibacterial and antioxidant, because of the natural coating, which makes gambiered silk one of the most luxury silk.


  • Gambiered silk
  • Natural plant dye
  • Windproof design sleeves
  • Wadded with fine goose down
  • Front pockets

Size Details:

  • Size Large
  • Chest: 104cm 
  • Sleeves: 60cm (shoulder included)
  • Shoulder: 39cm
  • Length: 70cm

Material Content:

  • 100% Gambiered Silk
  • 60% White Goose Down
  • 40% White Duck Down

Care Instructions:

  • Hand-wash with cold water
  • Mild dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Regular ironing, steam or dry, at low setting