Chinese Box Four Happiness Series/Blue
Chinese Box Four Happiness Series/Blue

Sheng Tang Peony

Chinese Box Four Happiness Series/Blue

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Inspired by the antique porcelain made for the "Emperor Tongzhi's Wedding". It is decorated with heavy color and exquisite details, full of various auspicious patterns such as wishful clouds and interlocked branches, shows the extremely high level of craftsmanship.

The Four characters on the each box are "FU", "LU", "SHOU", and "XI" means "Blessing", "Wealth", "Longevity" and "Double Happiness". In Chinese culture people always use the Four Characters together because that means wish of being prosperous and having the longevity to enjoy your good fortune.

Handcrafted box, it perfectly combines Chinese craftsmanship and trendy fashion, has the elegance of oriental craftsmanship and the style of modern design. Can be used as jewelry box, tea snack box, snack box, storage box, or decoration, etc.


  • Two-layer Cermacs Box
  • Copper Gold Plating Handle


  • Diameter: 15.5cm
  • Box Height: 10cm
  • Total Height: 21.5cm