Craftsmanship: Lifestyle & Cloisonné

Lifestyle & Cloisonné

Sheng Tang Peony’s piece is formed by adding compartments to the metal.

The compartment dividers remain visible in the finished pieces, separating compartments of the enamel and inlays, which are often designed with a colour scheme.

The intricate fabrication process brings together hand carving, inlaying, glass melting, metal melting, and mineral stone melting in an 800-degree Celsius kiln to create its unique colours.

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Collaborating Artist:
Mr. Li, Lan-Sheng

Mr. Li is an internationally renowned porcelain artist, and a member of the Chinese Porcelain Association. He has worked as a porcelain master and has taught students in the porcelain capital of China, Jingdezhen.

His creations bring hope and represent an endless pursuit of the modern creative lifestyle. He believes that porcelain has a spirit, with each piece waiting to be summoned to completion.