Our story

Each piece of Sheng Tang Peony is infused with a contemporary Eastern style and an ingenious delicateness. Each represents yet one more attempt to recapture the lost art of handcraftsmanship.



Ms. Sara Zhang, the creative director and soul of Sheng Tang Peony, is an active Chinese artist, born into a textile family from Jiangnan, an historical region famous for textile design and production spanning many dynasties.

She started her work with traditional handmade craftsmanship as a child. In her works for Sheng Tang Peony, Ms. Zhang takes ancient Chinese palace embroidery as her main axis and weaves in Eastern aesthetics, thereby marrying the culture and essence of ancient beauty with our modern lifestyle.


Sheng Tang Peony continues an Eastern philosophy and movement, focusing on the development of themes running through Chinese art. Chinese culture is not bound by geography; it encompasses so much more, which await for you to explore and to share.


Sheng Tang Peony takes art into a land of borderless imagination.

And our craftsmanship allows us to give the designs rationality and functionality. Bridging reality and imagination, we shepherd a combination of poetry and inspiration into the modern world. Our mission is to pass on this unique inheritance to the future.


Keenly aware of our inheritance of traditional Chinese culture, Sheng Tang Peony uses contemporary art techniques to integrate that ancient culture with modern aesthetics.

We mix traditional and contemporary sensibilities to achieve a beauty that is recognizable across time and space.

We hope that after 20, 30, and 40 years, our concepts, our devotion, and our dedication to art and beauty will themselves be inherited, and that the next generation will continue the art form that symbolizes one of the greatest glories in human history.

Time passes, but art remains.

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