Oriental Home Decor

Chinese Box, Contains the World

It is inspired from the traditional lunch/snack box, we reinvented with porcelain and a contemporary touch.

"Harmony Culture" is an important essence of Chinese culture, it has a long history of joint ventures in a wide variety of materials and shapes, which have played an important role in the development of applied arts.

The boxes are can be used as snack boxes, jewelry boxes, storage boxes, or simply as decoration for your interior.


"Secret Box"

The design was inspired by a gift presented to Emperor Shomu of Japan by Tang Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan---Red sandalwood painted groove pipa.

The main color of the box is white and brown, decorated with a redesigned golden brown octagon pattern. It reproduces the style of the Tang Dynasty and adds to the modernity of the works.

"Crane Box"

The crane is one of the most auspicious bird in Chinese culture. The color of the box is royal blue, covered with golden cranes---which is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth in China.

The work uses cranes as elements, incorporating modern design and style. It is also a retrospect and tribute to the traditional Chinese lifestyle.

"Five Blessings Box"

Originality comes from the five blessings cup from Qing Emperor Tongzhi. The main decoration on the lid is the five blessing longevity pattern, uses royal yellow as the main color, the body of the box is decorated with auspicious cloud and deer pattern.

"Fortune Koi Box"

Koi is an auspicious figure in Chinese culture, means: may you have the good fortune and prosperity in the upcoming new year.

Elegant shape with ingenious design, exquisite and functional, designed to decorate the interior.