A whole new exclusive and unique lifestyle

Sheng Tang Peony takes her first appearance in Yorkville Avenue beside Four Seasons and Park Hyatt Hotels. Sheng Tang Peony focus on combining eastern elegance and contemporary art concepts to present an exclusive and unique lifestyle to the city of Toronto.

By bringing an intricate level of hand craftsmanship and traditions, Sheng Tang Peony is ready to become a part of this vast and fastpaced Metropolitan city. "

What are the impressions do you come in mind when you heard of Eastern beauty? Cheongsam, embroidery, porcelain, poetry hop tea? Eastern beauty has always remained mysterious and unspeakable, yet it is concrete and realistic, and all it takes is a little bit of discovery spirit and a never ending curiosity to grasp its authenticity.

Sheng Tang Peony is here to take you on a surprise everything you ever wondered about eastern aesthetics that last over thousands of years.

The design concept of Sheng Tang Peony originates from the art of the Chinese lifestyle. It covers from furniture, clothing, jewelry to tea culture.

Our designer Ms. Zhang translates the eastern aesthetics by infuses traditional and contemporary art concepts to showcase a distinct level of hand craftsmanship, and to reinvent the meaning of "Made in China".



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